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  • How To: Sewing French Seams

    Posted On July 24, 2015

    Made To Sew - French Seam 0

    When should you use a french seam? French seams are perfect for use on lightweight or sheer fabrics, encasing all of the fraying fabric edges inside a tiny seam allowance of 1/4″ (5mm). French seams can be fabulous to use if you haven’t got an overlocker (serger) and want to create a perfect finish to your garment. […]

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  • Sewing Threads & Uses

    Posted On July 22, 2015

    Made To Sew - Polyester Thread

    Different sewing threads and their uses… With a large variety of different threads available it can be a minefield finding the right thread for the job, especially if your relatively new to sewing. What is the difference between polyester, silk and cotton thread and when should they be used? What are the benefits of each thread, […]

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  • Quilting Wash Bag Sizing

    Posted On July 17, 2015

    Made To Sew - Quilting Wash Bag Sizing 1

    Having seen our How To: Quilting Wash Bag Tutorial on YouTube and taken a look at our corresponding blog post; How To: Quilted Wash Bag we hope that you have an understanding of the basic wash bag, have maybe had a go at creating your own and want to know how to personalise the shape and […]

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  • How To: Quilted Wash Bag

    Posted On July 16, 2015

    Made To Sew - Quilted Wash Bag 0

    Learn new skills and techniques whilst making your very own wash bag or make up bag. We have created 3 different sizes for you to choose from; small, medium or large! Alternatively check out our blog post that shows you how to make your own size – Quilting Wash Bag Sizing. Watch our video on YouTube […]

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  • Cross Wound Verses Stacked Thread

    Posted On July 15, 2015

    Made To Sew - Threads

    Do you know the difference between cross wound and stacked threads? Do you know that threads can be wound onto spools one of two ways? How you position your thread onto your sewing machine is important and can make a difference to your sewing experience. Sewing thread can be wound onto spools in two different methods: […]

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  • Fabric Preparation

    Posted On July 11, 2015

    Made To Sew - Fabric Preparation

    Should you wash your fabric before use? This is a question that I am often asked by customers. Do you need to pre-treat your fabric before sewing? You return home from a shopping trip with your beautiful fabric, excited about your new project and ready to get started! Why do you have to think about […]

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  • Lavender Bunting

    Posted On July 9, 2015

    Made To Sew - Lavender Bunting

    Bunting with a difference… Join us and learn how to make your very own Lavender Bunting, hopefully you’ll learn some sewing tips along the way. Click HERE for our corresponding YouTube Tutorial, How To: Lavender Bunting Tutorial. Should you wish to create the bunting in the same fabric, take a look at our Lavender Bunting […]

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  • Quick & Easy Liberty Bunting

    Posted On July 1, 2015

    Made To Sew - Quick & Easy Liberty Bunting

    We love bunting but it can be time consuming and a little challenging for beginners. So… here’s our quick and easy bunting tutorial, shown here in a Liberty Tana Lawn Cotton. Alternatively watch this on YouTube: How To: Quick Liberty Bunting Tutorial With single layer pennants (triangles) you should be able to knock this up in […]

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