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  • Threading Needle: Double Thread

    Posted On January 30, 2017

    Check out our most recent YouTube tutorial and learn the method I use to thread a needle with a double thread. I personally use a double thread through my needle when completing a lot of hand sewing for strength and security. This method helps to prevent the thread from tangling and getting twisted around the needle, […]

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  • How To: Sewing Hook & Eyes

    Posted On January 25, 2017

    Made To Sew: How To: Sewing Hook & Eyes 1

    Whether you are sewing a hook & eye that has fallen off a high street garment or attaching one to a newly made project I wanted to share the technique I use for a neat and secure finish. What is a hook & eye? Hook and eyes are two small fasteners made from either wire […]

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  • How To: Insert a Sleeve

    Posted On January 22, 2017

    Made To Sew: How To: Insert a Sleeve 1

    Inserting sleeves can be a tricky part of dressmaking to master, so I wanted to launch a blog and YouTube tutorial that explained the method I use. Hopefully you will find this useful and learn a few tips and techniques to improve your sewing. We are going to be working with a one piece sleeve […]

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  • Sewing Machine Presser Feet Guide

    Posted On January 18, 2017

    Made To Sew - Sewing Machine Presser Feet 1

    I have had a number of requests for a tutorial on the different presser feet and when you should use them. In our corresponding YouTube tutorial and this blog post I aim to cover the basic presser feet that may come with your sewing machine as well as a couple of recommendations for future purchases. Let’s […]

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  • Sewing Box Pleat & Inverted Box Pleat

    Posted On January 15, 2017

    Made To Sew - Box Pleat & Inverted Pleat

    I have a fondness for pleats, I love the texture and depth they bring to an item whether it be a dressmaking project, home furnishings or other accessories. As our latest pattern for Sewing World Magazine (the Ava Skirt) features inverted box pleats I thought it was time I filmed a ‘how to’ tutorial, sharing […]

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