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  • How To: Lengthen & Shorten a Pattern

    Posted On September 20, 2017

    Find out how to lengthen and shorten a dressmaking pattern. Where you should be adding or removing length and how to blend the edges of the pattern back together after making adjustments. Learn more in our latest YouTube Tutorial. Any questions let me know. Aneka x

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  • How To: Grade a Pattern

    Posted On September 17, 2017

    What do you do if your measurements are smaller or larger than the pattern you are working with? How do you grade the pattern to increase or decrease the size? In this YouTube Tutorial I share tips for grading a pattern using the pattern companies grading rules already used in the pattern. I hope you […]

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  • How To: Choose the right size pattern?

    Posted On September 13, 2017

    What do you need to think about when choosing the right size dressmaking pattern for your individual measurements? What happens if your measurements are in-between two different sizes and how do you blend between different sizes at the Bust, Waist and Hip? All of these details and more are explained in our latest YouTube Tutorial. […]

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  • How To: Measure Yourself

    Posted On September 10, 2017

    Learn how to take basic measurements required for dressmaking in our latest YouTube tutorial. On a model we cover details on how to measure your Bust, Waist, Hip, Back Length and Bicep. The first measurements you will need to refer to when working with a dressmaking pattern.

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