Aneka Truman – Owner of Made To Sew

Aneka Truman, London College of Fashion graduate launched Made To Sew in 2013. After setting up a fashion label in 2010 and launching UK based manufacturing for the line, the difficulty to find a skilled workforce became apparent, fueling the idea for Made To Sew. Made To Sew was created to bring sewing into the modern day, showing how easy it can be to create high quality products if the right knowledge is applied. Aneka teaches sewing classes from beginners through to tailoring and pattern cutting; as well as designing the up and coming Made To Sew pattern range.

Louise Cottey – Owner of Louise Cottey Woven Textiles (

Louise Cottey is a handwoven textile designer and maker, producing scarves, wraps and throws from natural fibres. After graduating from her woven textile degree she returned to college to learn to teach in 2000 and has been running regular hand weaving classes ever since. Louise explains that she is now as passionate about teaching the craft as she is about weaving itself and loves the moment when someone asks “so how do I go about buying my first loom?”

Martell – French Bulldog

The four legged member of the team Martell is a French Bulldog. Handsome and charismatic, Martell exudes a sense of style and loves people. He still believes that everyone visits the Studio to see him! Unfortunately he needs to be corrected; and therefore spend most of his time sleeping. We can’t promise he won’t snore; but we can promise he’s a friendly chap. However if you have a fear of dogs please do let us know.