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  • How to: Interline / Underline

    Posted On June 28, 2017

    You’ve found the perfect fabric, it’s the right colour and the print is to die for. But, it’s a silk chiffon and you want to make a structured shift dress. Is it possible to use a fabric that wouldn’t normally work and how do you achieve a professional result? The answer is interlining or underlining. […]

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  • Make Easter Eggs

    Posted On April 14, 2017

    Made to Sew - Easter Eggs 0

    Continue the Easter theme and make these Easter Eggs, perfect for hanging on trees and decorating your home. A great way to use up scraps of fabric. Watch the corresponding YouTube tutorial – click here! For this tutorial you will need: – Fabric – Wadding (optional) – Ribbon – Thread – Template (download for FREE – click […]

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  • Make Easter Birds

    Posted On April 10, 2017

    Made to Sew - Easter Birds 0

    Learn how to make these cute birds in time for Easter. Make in your choice of fabrics, a great way to use up scraps! Follow our detailed YouTube tutorial to learn how: Link! Start by collecting the materials that you will need to create the decorations: – Fabric – Wadding (optional) – Ribbon (for hanging) […]

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  • DIY Leather Purse (Bow)

    Posted On March 19, 2017

    Made To Sew - Frill Purse 17

    Hopefully you have seen the tutorial for creating either the plain or frill leather purses and want to know how to take your sewing further and learn how to design and make one of these bow purses. Plain Leather Purse: Blog / YouTube Frill Leather Purse: Blog / YouTube Bow Leather Purse: YouTube As with […]

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  • DIY Leather Purse (Frill)

    Posted On March 15, 2017

    Made To Sew - Frill Purse 0

    As part of the series of leather purses I wanted to share the techniques for a purse with a frill feature on the front. If you are new to sewing leather, or if you want to brush up on your techniques and learn basic purse construction I recommend that you read the plain purse blog […]

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  • DIY Leather Purse (Plain)

    Posted On March 9, 2017

    Made To Sew - Leather Purse 1

    Make one of these cute purses and learn techniques for sewing and working with leather. In the latest YouTube tutorial I share tips for sewing leather and the step by step construction of one of these purses. This blog post and corresponding tutorial work with a plain leather purse. Next week I will share a new tutorial and […]

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  • Meet Julia!

    Posted On February 15, 2017

    Made To Sew - Meet Julia 1

    Hello! My name is Julia and I’m lucky enough to be the newest member of the Made To Sew team. Aneka and I thought it would be good for me to say hello, introduce myself and let you know a little about what I am going to be doing to help Aneka. I am a […]

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  • How To: Sewing a Facing

    Posted On February 8, 2017

    Made To Sew: How To: Sewing Facing 2

    Sewing a facing onto a garment neckline can be a tricky task, especially if you want to achieve a perfect and professional join across the top of a zip at the centre back. In my latest video and blog post I share the tips and techniques that I teach in my classes. Link to YouTube video.  […]

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  • What is? A Facing

    Posted On February 1, 2017

    The term facing can be slightly confusing for a novice dressmaker. What does it mean? Where is this pattern piece going? What do I do to it? Why does it need interfacing? The questions continue.. In this short and sweet YouTube tutorial I aim to show you a few examples of facings and where you […]

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  • Threading Needle: Double Thread

    Posted On January 30, 2017

    Check out our most recent YouTube tutorial and learn the method I use to thread a needle with a double thread. I personally use a double thread through my needle when completing a lot of hand sewing for strength and security. This method helps to prevent the thread from tangling and getting twisted around the needle, […]

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  • How To: Sewing Hook & Eyes

    Posted On January 25, 2017

    Made To Sew: How To: Sewing Hook & Eyes 1

    Whether you are sewing a hook & eye that has fallen off a high street garment or attaching one to a newly made project I wanted to share the technique I use for a neat and secure finish. What is a hook & eye? Hook and eyes are two small fasteners made from either wire […]

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  • How To: Insert a Sleeve

    Posted On January 22, 2017

    Made To Sew: How To: Insert a Sleeve 1

    Inserting sleeves can be a tricky part of dressmaking to master, so I wanted to launch a blog and YouTube tutorial that explained the method I use. Hopefully you will find this useful and learn a few tips and techniques to improve your sewing. We are going to be working with a one piece sleeve […]

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