DIY: Sewing Christmas Cards

Learn how to use the sewing machine to decorate and make your own Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards and Gift Tags. Watch our corresponding YouTube tutorial (DIY: Sewing Machine Christmas Cards) for an easy to follow sew-along!

Draw a design onto the front of your card or gift tag with pencil. For Christmas inspiration download our Christmas Decorations Pattern to use as a template.

Prepare the sewing machine with the coloured threads of your choice. We used standard 100% Polyester thread, and a general needle size 90/14.

Stitch along the drawn lines from the RIGHT side. Amend the stitch length to change the look of the stitching (we used 2.5mm stitch length throughout).

Do NOT backstitch, instead leave long tails that can be tied off after sewing.

Once the main part of the shape has been stitched, tie off the threads.

From the WRONG side, pull on a thread. This should create a loop that can be collected with a pin or pencil to pull the thread from the RIGHT side through to the WRONG side.

Knot the threads together.

Trim off the threads above the knot.

Finish by rubbing away any remaining pencil marks on the RIGHT side. Add other intricate embellishments such as beads, buttons and fabric to personalise your card or gift tag.

Use an adhesive spray such as spray mount or fabric adhesive to stick fabric onto the card, stitch the glued fabric onto the card if desired with the sewing machine or by hand. Use a hot glue gun or hand sewing to attached beads and buttons.

Why not check out our corresponding YouTube tutorial to watch this in action: DIY: Sewing Machine Christmas Cards. Share your makes with us on Facebook, and Instagram!