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What Is? Truing | True

5th April 2018

Learn and understand the terms ‘Truing’ or to ‘True’ a dart/seam in today’s What Is? tutorial. I share tips for understa...

Pattern Matching Tips

4th April 2018

Are you struggling with pattern matching your fabric? Or just want to learn a new skill to create some stunning garments? Learn how to pattern match w...

How To: Dart Manipulation

2nd April 2018

Want to know how to move darts to a new location in a pattern? Learn basic pattern cutting techniques and improve your understanding? Then check out...

What Is? Dart Manipulation

31st March 2018

Understand the term Dart Manipulation in our latest ‘What Is?’ tutorial. Learn about dart manipulation and what you can achieve by using d...

What Is? Darts

28th March 2018

Understand the basics of darts. Why they are needed on a garment, where you will find them and what they look like in our latest ‘What Is?’...

How To: Sewing a V-Neckline

27th March 2018

Following on from our ‘How To: Draft V-Neckline’ video, in our newest tutorial we share tips and techniques for sewing a V-Neckline and at...

How To: Draft V-Neckline

22nd March 2018

Learn how to draft a V-neckline on your favourite garment! In this tutorial we work with our Copen pattern to show you how to amend the neckline and d...

Made To Sew

What Is? Calico, Toile, Muslin

21st March 2018

Do you understand the terms ‘calico’, ‘toile’ and ‘muslin’? Should you make a sample garment? And how do you go ab...

How To: Sew a Princess Seam

18th March 2018

Learn how to sew Princess Seams in our latest YouTube tutorial. Take your sewing to the next level and sew professional looking princess seams with co...

How To: Draft Princess Seams

16th March 2018

Fancy learning some pattern drafting techniques? Watch our latest YouTube tutorial and learn how to draft princess seams for the shoulder and/or armho...

Made To Sew

What Is? Princess Seams

13th March 2018

What exactly are Princess Seams and where do you find them on a garment? In our newest What Is? Tutorial we discuss Princess Seams and their placement...

Pattern Match Invisible Zipper

12th March 2018

For the final video in our series of pattern matching tutorials, we share tips for sewing an invisible zipper into a seam whilst matching a patterned...