Become confident in your dressmaking skills with our beginner and intermediate classes.
Work at your own pace, on your own project in our premium dressmaking classes.
Learn professional techniques and create beautifully finished garments.

Premium Dressmaking


Somerset (UK): Sat 27th & Sun 28th July, 10:00-16:00 – Sold Out
Oxfordshire (UK): Sat 3rd & Sun 4th August, 10:00-16:00 – Sold Out
Somerset (UK): Sat 10th & Sun 11th August, 10:00-16:00 – Sold Out


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The Premium Dressmaking class is all about you; you can learn what you want, when you want and cater the class to your own personal learning desires. Bring along a pattern and project of your choice and get the help needed to improve your dressmaking skills, fitting and finishing techniques.

Students are taught on an individual basis within a small group class, providing a large amount of 1-to-1 tuition and allowing you to pick up tips and techniques from other projects.

Whether you require help fitting garments to your individual figure, sewing with difficult fabrics, making a professional shirt for the first time or constructing your own lingerie, this class will help you to achieve your goals.

It is necessary to have previous sewing and dressmaking experience. Please join our Beginners Dressmaking class if you are brand new to dressmaking to learn the basic skills, or our Intermediate Dressmaking class if you need to brush up or improve your dressmaking skills.

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Fitting & Sewing with Copen

Fort Lauderdale (USA): Thurs 20th, Fri 21st & Sat 22nd June 09:30-16:00 – Book Here
Atlanta (USA): Fri 28th, Sat 29th & Sun 30th June 10:00-16:00 – Book Here
Portland (USA): Tues 9th, Weds 10th & Thurs 11th July 10:00-16:00 – Book Here

Learn fitting and sewing in a 3-day master class with Aneka from Made to Sew. Working with the Made to Sew Copen pattern, you will learn how to fit your choice of a shift dress or top on your individual figure. Understand techniques that apply to your body; learn how to amend the length of a pattern, complete a bust adjustment, bicep adjustment or sway back adjustment. You will leave the class with the knowledge to make the adjustments you require on future garments, improving the fit and your confidence!

The class will continue using your perfectly fitted pattern to learn professional sewing skills, improving the overall look of your garments. Learn tips and techniques on the sewing machine and serger as you create your very own Copen dress or top. Learn how to do everyday dressmaking skills ‘properly’, how to insert an invisible zipper, introduce sleeves and perfect a neckline facing. Become confident in your dressmaking techniques and finishes.

Class includes a free copy of the Made to Sew Copen pattern.