Separate Embroidery Thread

Learn how to separate embroidery floss effectively without getting your thread twisted and knotted with our short YouTube tutorial: How To: Separate Embroidery Floss.

What is embroidery thread?
Embroidery floss is made up of 6 loosely twisted threads that join together to form a skein. Available in cotton, silk, polyester rayon and linen, embroidery floss is offered in a wide range of colours and is used for a variety of hand work such as cross stitch, hand embroidery and appliqué.

How to separate embroidery thread?
Start by preparing your embroidery floss by cutting a length of thread suitable for use. Hold the thread in your hand and measure the thread to your elbow. This is the ideal length of thread and should be easier to work with than cutting a very long length. If your thread is too long you will find that it tangles and knots whilst sewing.

Once the thread is cut to a suitable length, gently pull the embroidery floss apart into the number of threads required.

The number of threads you require will depend on the project you are working on. I generally work with 2 or 3 threads for most projects; dividing the skein in half (2 x 3 threads) or thirds (3 x 2 threads). When pulling the threads apart gently twist the bottom of the full thread (6 threads) to untangle the threads.

The key to this techniques is to cut the thread first to the required length. If you try and separate the floss when it is still in the skein you will find that it tangles and knots, which may mean wasting thread and time.

Try our method and see how you get on!