How To: Sewing Blanket Stitch

Learn how to sew a simple blanket stitch in our latest tutorial. The blanket stitch is most commonly used as a hemming stitch on the edge of blankets for finishing the raw edge of the fabric neatly and to prevent fraying. However it is also commonly used as a decorative finish, and we often use it on the edge of felt to secure layers of felt together in a decorative manner. Watch our corresponding YouTube tutorial (How To: Sewing Blanket Stitch) for an easy sew-along!

We are going to be showing you how to sew the blanket stitch using 2 layers of felt, however the same rules will apply with 1 layer. We will be sewing the stitch using embroidery floss (divided in half, 3 threads).

Start by tidying a knot at the end of the thread. Position the needle through the fabric, from the WRONG side of the felt, in-between the 2 layers of felt. This will hide the knot.

Sewing the first stitch in a blanket stitch is slightly different, you will need take the needle and thread and position it in the fabric from the BACK of BOTH layers of felt, coming back out through the FRONT where the previous thread exits the fabric.

Pull the thread to leave a small loop remaining. Position the needle from the front to the back through the loop. If you twist the loop slightly this will create a small knot to secure the start of the stitching.

Then you sew start sewing the blanket stitch. Start sewing from the back of the two layers of fabric to the front. Pull the thread to leave a small loop and position the needle through the loop from the FRONT to the BACK. Keep the thread taught to create the stitch.

In this example we are sewing 1/8″ (3mm) away from the edge of the felt, and the stitch length is approximately 1/4″ (5mm). However you are welcome to change the distance from the edge of the fabric and the stitch length. This will depend on the project you are working on, the thickness of the fabric and how secure you require the stitch to be. Why not test out the size of your stitch on a scrap of fabric.

Continue sewing the blanket stitch along the length of the fabric, project.

To finish the stitch, you will need to sew from the BACK of the two layers of fabric to the FRONT, coming out of the fabric at the front in the same position as the last stitch. This is the same technique we used to start the stitching. Leaving a loop of thread, sew from the front to the back. If you can twist the loop slightly you will create a knot to secure the stitching.

Finish the stitching by securing the thread with a knot, or loose the thread in the fabric. To loose the thread in the fabric, position the needle between the two layers of fabric and come out at a random position in the fabric. Pull the thread taught and cut off the thread where it exits the fabric. By pulling the thread tight and cutting at the edge of the fabric the thread should ‘jump’ back into the fabric to loose the thread.

Why not check out our corresponding YouTube tutorial: How To: Sewing Blanket Stitch. Share your makes with us on Facebook, and Instagram!